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Carol Pospula Testimonial

"Jeff, I just wanted to e-mail you and say thanks! Yesterday was of course Easter and I found myself at a friend’s party with of course tons of great foods. My favorite of which was bread dip. I started ediets on December 27, 2005 and have since lost 30 pounds.

Carol Pospula

Director of Residential Leasing

Lilianna Fernandez Testimonial

My name is Lilianna Fernandez. I'm a 17 year old elite-triathlete. I just recently competed in age group nationals in Vermont and qualified for World Championships next September in London! The excitement of this accomplishment can only be expressed because of Jeff Wooten and Mary Wire.

Lilianna Fernandez

Cary, NC

Mary Wire Testimonial

"Training with Jeff has been a life changing experience. He not only trains your body, but also your mind and spirit. For many years I have wanted to get in really good shape. Trying various classes and trainers proved unsuccessful for me. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the exercise programs and therefore lacked commitment.

Mary Wire

Raleigh, N.C.

Rey Mola Testimonial

"Hi Jeff! I just bought the bridge video and watched it. I liked it a lot because I had been doing the bridge since I had bought your other e-book like 2 months ago where you had a report about the bridge and back pain.

Reynaldo Mola

Satisfied client

Joy Ruhmann Testimonial

"I’ve tried for years to find an exercise program that I liked and could stick with, and with Jeff, 'The Body Mechanic', I finally did! In December 2007, I began actively working with Jeff to become a runner, my desired form of exercise because I can do it anywhere/anytime and with my dogs on a regular basis.

Joy Ruhmann

Raleigh, NC

Ted Robaczewski Testimonial

"I have known and worked out with Jeff Wooten for almost 18 years. I have seen him progress from martial arts student to martial arts instructor, fitness instructor, and massage therapist. No matter what endeavor Jeff undertakes, he is driven to succeed and meticulous in studying the subject, setting goals, and meeting goals.

Ted Robaczewski

Cary, NC

Tracy Brown Testimonial

"I have been working out with Jeff Wooten for about 2 years now and I would have to say that I’m in the best shape of my life since high school. I know that might sound cliché for a 43 year old, but it is true! I have been a very active adult. Since my early 20’s, I’ve always participated in exercise classes and fitness programs; in addition, I’ve always maintained healthy eating habits.

Tracy Brown

Raleigh, NC

Leslie Starsoneck Testimonial

"I have trained with Jeff Wooten for the past two years. During that time, the benefits from that training have transformed from increased lean muscle, strength, flexibility, and endurance, into a lifestyle, one that is driven by a desire to be as healthy as possible.

Leslie Starsoneck

Raleigh, NC

Patrick Lawlor Testimonial

"Thanks Jeff,

I bought your Dynamic Power Breathing book a couple of months ago and love it.  I started to work on the drills and have noticed a difference.  I eventually want to try the power running drills.  I think this book would really help people not only with asthma (like your daughter), but also people who suffer with High Blood Pressure.  You should market it towards them. 

Patrick Lawlor

Client Service and Investment Director

Sumeet Shevade Testimonial

"Jeff, It's a pleasure to give my feed back. I am still only at stage 1. But I am getting up at 6:10 am every morning and practicing 2 exercises taught in the Dynamic Power Breathing e-book.  First one is to stand in front of a mirror, exhale, bend in the waist, put hands on the thies and pull your stomach in as much

Sumeet Shevade

Satisfied client

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