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Dynamic Power Training

"Flexibility through Strength; Strength through Flexibility"

"The best way to prevent injuries, and to heal injuries, is to move your joints through a full range of motion in every direction possible, using only your own bodyweight for resistance. Coordinate this movement with controlled deep breathing, heating your body up from the inside out and building up a profuse sweat. Follow that with a great massage and you have the ultimate training session"
--Jeff Wooten

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If you have tight, achy muscles and joints from sitting all day, or old injuries that
keep you stiff and in pain, thenů

This Class is For You!

Our class is designed to simultaneously develop Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, and Agility! We include deep breathing exercises to increase the heat and the sweat, and finish with a variety of stretches designed to increase joint range of motion, de-stress the mind, and detoxify the body systems! This class is suitable for the novice and advanced, as all moves can be modified. For more info, and to see an up to date schedule, please visit