"Great session. Came in with an open mind to the experience and was blown away. Definitely not a relaxing experience. If you want to lie there and have someone rub on you then choose a different massage. It was hard work but after my first session I am convinced it is well worth the effort. I had pain in my hip for two weeks, after the first session there is no pain in the hip. There is a lot of general soreness and some tightness that was causing the pain but that tells me I worked hard and the session was a huge success. Jeff was great at explaining what we were doing and why, everything he said made perfect sense. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone serious about improving their body."

---Will Poe, Fuquay-Varina

"I've been exercising regularly for years but had hit a plateau in my training. I had really lost my motivation because I was not getting trim, toned, and strong. However, I started training with Jeff only one month ago and have already seen results! I've seen improvements in my strength, flexibility, and muscle tone in just a short time. I feel so energized after each class. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement and so much more to learn, but I look forward to this process. Jeff is so encouraging in class, but even outside of class, his promotion of an overall healthy lifestyle has motivated me to eat healthier than I was before!"

---Laura Gadd, Raleigh

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Massage Therapy programs

Our Massage Therapy routines consist of three components which are very effective for Stress Management: Deep Breathing Exercise, Rhythmic Compressions, and Stretching.

Whether in a massage chair, on a table, or on one of our massage mats, our clients are certain to receive effective massage therapy. And your massage session can take as little at 15 minutes, leaving you fully refreshed and relaxed! So call today to make an appointment (919-606-2149 or 919-395-3968), or stop by for a quick tune-up.

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